Sunday, 6 October 2013

Thanksgiving and farmers market

Celebrating thanksgiving at the church

In Germany, Christians celebrate 'Erntedank' (Thanksgiving) on the first Sunday in October to thank god for the good harvest. The church is decorated with fruits from the harvest. This is how my church was decorated this morning.

The afternoon was spend going to the farmers market it town. We have the usual market day on Friday but once a year on the first Sunday in October, there is a big farmers market in conjunction with 'Erntedank'. After it was rainy all day yesterday, today was dry. I enjoyed the walk over the farmers market a lot. I especially loved the animals as always. They had both baby sheep and baby lamb. Now I never wanted a goat to be honest but fell in love with the mini baby goats, so I might end up with a goat eventually anyway. They were way too cute, to be honest.

how could I not fall in love?
another cutie pie

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  1. You're right, those goats are way too cute! ;-)