Monday, 21 October 2013

Trip to the UK part 1 - The North East-

arriving in Newcastle

night out with friends

meeting Emi and Lexi for lunch

meeting my doggy friends

Saltwell Park

Tyne Bridge

Elephant Parade


Grey Street

Tyne Bridge

Millenium Bridge

Shell and me

Jenny, Shell and me - leaving dinner
I am back from my trip to the UK. After an early morning wake up and a bumpy flight, I arrived in London on Thursday morning. From there it was a short 4 hour train ride up north. Shell and Gaz were going to pick me up at the train station after work and it was just amazing to see them again. I kept a look out for their car but as they didn't find a parking spot I missed them and then suddenly Shell was in front of me, several hugs and kisses later we went to the car and it was as if I have never been away, I moved right back into me old life. We grabbed that takeaway Curry that I was looking forward to all week and headed home, where we spend the evening in PJ's catching up on each other.

Time in Newcastle was flying by, catching up with friends, having a night out in town, shopping the likes. I still can't believe it. I was able to catch up with Emi, my oldest friend in Newcastle. We met at work about 10 years ago and started in the same company about a month apart from each other and although Emi left the company already back in 2006 we have been friends ever since. She has a daughter, who just turned one while I was there and it was great to catch up with her and meet for lunch.
Spending time with Shell (my BFF) and her family was great too. It was great to hang out in the evening and talk about anything and nothing or just sit and watch endless episodes of Friends.

On Friday morning (18th) I left to go down to Hemel Hempstead to catch up with my cousin...

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