Monday, 21 October 2013

Trip to the UK part 2 - Family reunion-

Prepping dinner with Friends and family

at the farm

at the farm

chilling in my bed

Jackabe and me

me cousin and me aunty

Sienna and me on the tractor ride

On Friday morning I went down to Hemel to meet up with my cousin and her two gorgeous kids. Anna and me hadn't seen each other about 4 years and it has been our first opportunity to see each other since she moved to New Zealand 16 month ago. After what felt like an endless train ride, I was at the train station in Hemel where my cous was waiting for me. We went to Sue and Marks place to pick up the kids (their aunty Janet was watching them) and then went to my aunty's for lunch. After a quick hello and lunch we were going into town to meet a friend of Anna's for tea and coffee. Anna has a week left in the UK, before she is going back home to New Zealand, so she is trying to meet as many people as she can before that. Her four year old (Jack) and me bonded really quickly and once Sienna was awake, so did her and I. Once we get back to Sue and Mark's place, I played a bit with the kids and then tried to get the kids settled down. Janet came back and the two of us started to make dinner (roast chicken, vegs and backed potatoes), before Sue came home from work. After Anna's friend Jude (who is blogging at make me an earth mother) arrived, we had a lovely dinner and great conversion. Hanging out with Anna was just as comfortable as it always was, some wine, food, friends and good and fun conversation. 
Saturday we had lunch at my aunties again and then went to the farm with a friend of Anna's, for some more fun time. In the evening Anna and me hung out in front of the TV enjoying some peace and quietness. Sunday was my last day, after play and fun in the morning, we went for lunch at my aunties, so I could say my good byes, then met up with more of Anna's friends before she dropped me of at the bus station to catch the bus to the airport. 

It was great to catch up with her and find my new best friend in Jackabe. I can't wait to actually go and see them in New Zealand in 2015 :) 

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