Sunday, 17 November 2013

Competition time

Today, 10 years after I retired from my sport shooting career, I had my comeback :)

Over the last few weeks I decided to start up sport shooting again, after all, apart from my rifles, I still owned all the other equipment and I had a brilliant time doing it as a kid, teen and young adult. The main difference between then and now, is that while I am still very ambitious, I will not go back to doing it on a (semi) professional level, I will just do it for the fun of it. You see when I was a teen/young adult, I spend 3/4 of my week involved in this sport, I was a member of the national team and had the dream of participating at the Olympic games. Don't get me wrong, I loved it and I was pretty good or I would have never made it that far but when I moved abroad, I retired from sport shooting and now I have other priorities...

Todays competition after training maybe 4 times and using a borrowed rifle, I won both competitions with 374 point out of 400. That was quite decent. There is still room for improvement but considering the physiological aspects in this pretty major competition I did amazing.

For the time being I only plan on shooting with the air rifle but the team is already begging me to shoot with the calibre .22 too.

As a team we won one competition and lost the second.  

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