Friday, 29 November 2013


Yesterday my most recent order from Taproot arrived (well I picked it up from customs where it was stuck but that is a different story). I have been meaning to get the print set of Wandering through the Seasons from the wonderful Phoebe Wahl for while but the high shipping cost always put it in the back of my mind to order it at a later time. So about 2 weeks ago, I ordered it together with my calendar.
 I love the art of Phoebe Wahl and already have the picture Instillness in my living room for a few month. From the moment that I saw the pictures that follow this rosy-cheeked family through the four seasons, I really wanted to have them displayed in my living room, and I could not only get one season, it had to be all. They are so beautiful don't you think:

Wandering through the Seasons

Art by Phoebe Wahl

Art by Phoebe Wahl

I also go the 2014 calendar with art by Phoebe Wahl! It includes many of the images that have appeared in the pages of Taproot. Those images are a a real inspiration to me and I am looking forward to seeing the different images each month.

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