Sunday, 24 November 2013

Uncle George

back in 2001

in 1997

It was just a month ago I saw my uncle George. Old age had caught up with him in the one year that I had not seen him but considering that he is in his 80s that was to be expected. What I didn't expect was for my cousin to contact me 3 days ago and tell me that her dad had taken a turn for the worst and might not make the week. My cousin was back in New Zealand at that time, and her mom (my aunt) was visiting, they went on the next plane to get home and arrived on Friday evening. 

This morning at 5:45am I found out that my uncle has passed away peacefully. I am still in shock. I know what it feels like to be at the other end of the world when your dad is not well and you are unable to say goodbye but I am thank the Lord that my cousin and aunt were able to make it home in time to say goodbye. 

Uncle George was my favorite uncle. I remember fondly the times when we watched the 2006 World Cup, how he would tease me about me Geordie Accent, how we would joke around to find ways to keep me in the UK (prior to me moving to the UK). He was a fun loving guy, a handyman, who made the best pancakes and pancake-toppings in the world. A loving partner, father, grand-pa and uncle.

Rest in Peace Uncle George - you will always be remembered

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