Wednesday, 6 November 2013

working in the kitchen

Since returning form the UK, I have been busy . There is so  much work to do but the weather is not helping with all the work. It has been a constant stream of rain since I got back with the odd storm thrown in the mix and maybe an hour or so of sunshine. I desperately need to do some work outside but that's just not possible.
With that in mind, I focused on the kitchen that was still work in progress and bothered me quite a bit. After we finished putting tiles on the main wall a few month ago, I still wanted to put tiles on the floor and the corner of the other wall. With all the rain we had, we went to work last weekend. We ripped out the old floor and put the tiles in. Then did the wall and bottom border of the wall. On Friday the last bits and bobs will be done and then next week I get a new counter space for the kitchen, which means another piece of the never ending renovation/re-modeling is done :)

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