Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Another year gone by

Another year has gone by and to be honest I can't believe how quickly it went by. It seems only like yesterday when I moved back to Germany and yet already 16 month have passed since then.

In this passed year I have settled back into German life. The mentality on a lot of things is different and it certainly took some time for me to settle back in. There are still cultural differences that I appear to have forgotten and am totally oblivious about certain customs... There were ups and downs in this year, from having to find a job to those cultural differences that made me doubt my decision to move to Germany. Spending time in the UK with family and friends was great but the time spend with my cousin (and her kids) was priceless. She reminded me that I moved to Germany for a reason and that making this dream a reality is what keeps me going. We have grown much closer again this year, for which I am so grateful, even the distance to New Zealand can not stop that.

I am happy with how things are running on the homesteading front. I introduced rabbits to the homestead and moved from none to 7 at some point. I learned how to butcher them and I am now down to 3. For year one with rabbits this was OK, the timing to get them was off, which let to the litter being born quite late but next year I will work on a different schedule for the litters.
I grew most of my own fruits and  vegetables, I am stock piled all for winter and spring. I planted some blue- and raspberry bushes additionally to what I have. There is still so much work to be done over the next few years to get everything to where I want to be but I will take one little step at a time, after all Rome was not build in a single day either.

Wishing you all a Happy 2014

Here is to 

~Continuing to living the good life in 2014~
~may all your hopes and dreams become reality~

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