Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas Party at work

Our Christmas party this year took us to the Eichsfeld to Hanstein Castle in Bornhagen to be exact. We started of midday and our first stop was the 'Wurstmuseum'(sausage museum). We were shown in a movie the traditional way to butcher in Thuringia. We were able to see the equipment used up close and were able to see the kitchen that is still used today for the traditional butchering. I found the whole process amazing. My dads family is from Thuringia and have always butchered the traditional way back in the days. I still remember fondly all those trips over the German border when I was a kid to what was then the East Germany. We always brought lot's and lot's of different sausages back with us. I was happy to note that we were able to buy some of the sausages after the tour of the museum.

Once that was over we went to a close by Christmas market and by 16:30 we were back at the 'Klausenhof'. We were going to do a walk around the old Castle. It took us an hour and we learned a bit about the history of the castle but also about what happened back in the day when Germany was divided in this region. We ended the day with amazing food, good laughs and presents. I got home early this morning at about 1am but am up now, no longer able to sleep

the kitchen

old woodstove

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sausage museum

walk around the castle at dusk

good food and presents

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