Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Garden update 26.02.2014

The winter in Germany has been a strage one. It was cold and very windy but apart from maybe 3-4 days we had no snow. The first part before Christmas was rather wet, the second half was dry. And now the temperature is getting warmer and on some days it seems as if spring is early. It is very difficult for me to not be tempted by those warm and sunny days and start on the garden. In fact, I have to hold my self back, as I would love nothing more then to go outside now and start planing. But alas it is still only the end of February and for the majority of things I will have to wait until end of March to fully start.

That didn't stop me to do some work today though. I have cleaned out the strawberries that I planted last fall and cleared the weeds that seemed to haven taken a life on it's own. I have then added fresh straw in between the strawberry plants. The reason behind this is two fold, the weeks will not grow that quickly and the plants are a bit more protected, also when strawberries are on the plants, they will not sit on the wet ground but dry. It's an old thing my grand-ma used to do. While I was at it, I also took some time to clear the weeds from the onions. I planed onions in fall last year and they came out a few weeks ago. They will be for an early harvest in June/July.

Now for this week, I have planned to build a new compost and to cut the cherry tree and potentially some of the other trees. I am also spending some time on Saturday to start on tomato seedlings indoor and work on the cold frame.

What is going on in your garden so far?

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