Thursday, 6 February 2014

It wasn't meant to be

Life and death of a homestead is a part of the homesteading journey. When Mia was pregnent the first time, I was a nervous wrack, would she be a good mom, would the babies freeze, would she eat them... She was a great mom and I was please about this.

I have bread unsucessfully at the end of November and then again bread her in January. I expected babies around the 4th of February but wasn't sure if the freeding was sucessful or not. I am still a novice at this and can't tell if a rabbit is pregnant or not, so any litter is a bit of a suprise game. Well Mia didn't do any of the usual nest building stuff and the 4th passed without any babies. So yesterday I did a bit of background learning on breeding rabbits and planned to do another mating on Friday and/or Saturday this week.

When I got out this morning to feed the rabbits. I noticed that Mia just started to nibble on something. Turns out it was a baby. Mia gave birth during the night to three babies. Unfortunately they were all dead by the time I checked on them at 6am.
I think it was a combination of things that did not enable them to survive, it was quite cold, Mia didn't build a nest and I am wondering if it was my mistake that she didn`t build a nest because I didn't clean her cage a day or two before she gave birth. Last time I did clean her cage 2 days beforehand but she indicated that she was building a nest at that time, so I knew. This time she gave no indication and I din't know....

I will mate her again on Friday/Saturday as planned. I have learned a bit more on the breeding and pray for better results this time.

On a side note.... Blackie turns out to be a boy.... now I am looking for another doe that is about 9 month old to breed him to.

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