Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Childrens Carnival

Here in Germany, right before lent, we celebrate Carnival. It usually starts on the Thursday before lent and ends on Ash Wednesday. Many towns, especially in the west have parades and festivals, especially on the weekend. Our village is quite small, so we don't have big celebrations but each year on what we call 'Carnival Tuesday' we have a small parade for the kids. Organized by the 'Bürgerverein' (local history and residents club), we meet in the afternoon, everyone is dressed up and we go through the village, moving from house to house. The kids sing and get some sweets and sometimes money. At the end of the day, we share the sweets and the money between the kids and have some hot dogs and drinks before going home. Its always a lot of fun and I was happy to organize and participate in this.

singing at my neighbors house

a little something to drink for the adults and cake

the small group that we were

Here is a video of what the kids usually sing

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