Friday, 14 March 2014

Lily - a never ending story - or so it seems

This year it seems to be a never ending story with Lily's health.  In January it was the spine and ear infection. Last weekend Lily was at my moms for an hour while I was out in the woods working with Jessie. When I came back my mom said that Lily had not touched her bone and was rather hyper but then calmed down and was just laying in a corner watching things when I got back. I took her out a bit later to play some ball with her. While she chased the ball, she would not pick it up, which is odd. I went to check her mouth and she didn't even let me touch it. I kept an eye on her but could not even give her pain medication, since she refused to open her mouth. Eventually I noticed the corner of her eye turning red. Over the next hour it kept swelling and I took her to the emergency vet. 3 hours, 2 x-rays, 1 sedation and checking her mouth, we were back home.  

By Monday morning her eye did not look better and I called my usual vet and took Lily to see her. Once we got back out I was glad that I had insisted to get antibiotics from the emergency vet the previous day. We got some cream for her eye and from there is was an hourly process to put cream in her eye to keep it moist and to wait and see. The next morning (Tuesday) the  eye looked less swollen and by the time I got in from work, the swelling was barely noticeable. We had another appointment in the evening at the vet and her eye was checked out, we have no cause yet but it looks as though her eye is damaged. 

Lily was keep getting cream for her eyes and antibiotics, she is back to being a happy girl now but at today's checkup, there were no news on her eye yet. As we still don't know what caused the swelling either she will be having a CT scan done next week.

On top of that the x-rays showed us that her spine is growing together, which will eventually lead to a stiff spine. It seems my girl can't catch a break.

Sunday night at the emergency vet
Monday afternoon - eye is still swollen
Tuesday afternoon - eye looks better

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