Tuesday, 29 April 2014

feeling tired

a few hours old

2 days old

4 days old

4 days old
Maya gave birth to a little of 9 little one on Friday morning. I have been worried about this litter, since she didn't feed the babies of her last litter but I wanted to give her another chance. When I checked on Saturday, she had not fed them again. To cut a long story short, the babies are now in my office and I am hand feeding them every 4 hours. I have not been this exhausted in ages. The first day and a half it was difficult to get them to drink from a bottle/syringe and it took about 1.5 - 2 hours to feed all 9 of them. But they are learning quickly where the milk is coming from, now I am averaging at around an hour to 70 minutes.  So far they are doing well, fingers crossed that this continues on. I had hopes that Mia would give birth last night and that I might be able to put 1-3 babies with her but she didn't have a litter so far and Beauty who is due on Friday is a first time mom and looks about ready to pop so, no chance to put one in with her.

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  1. die sind ja soooooo GOLDIG ♥♥ hab mir auch schon ueberlebt 2/3 weg vom wurf zu nehmen und selbst aufzuziehen weil es heisst soll man machen bei 10. Heute Abend kontrollier ich nochmal die Baeuche und entscheide ...