Saturday, 31 May 2014

Treasures found

May has been a bit of a treasure hunting month for me. Having helped my neighbor to clear her house, a few things made their way over to my place, like this old hand wagon from the 1950s. It might not look like much but with a bit of pain on it will look like new. I am still in the process of restoring it but other then the wheels, everything else is already painted and it looks good and is handy around the garden.

Then this week, we had a long weekend (Thursday to Sunday), it already started to rain on Wednesday and I decided there is no better way to spend the day, then to go on my moms attic and get a few of my boxes down. Every few month I am doing this and it's a joy to look into them. The thing is the boxes are on this attic since 1995 when my parents bought the house and we moved in. All of it are old toys or books and I am getting a lot of pleasure out of opening them. I am slowly working my way though the boxes, throwing out what I don't want to keep and putting the few toys that I want to keep for my kids on the side, as well as the books. On Wednesday I found two boxes full of stuff known in Germany as "Bärenwald Schule", I loved to play with those and am definitely keeping them for my kids. I don't know what they are called in English but they are similar to this, only that I had bears.

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