Sunday, 27 July 2014

A herb garden

I spend my day yesterday building a herb mint garden. I have wanted a space or two just for herbs for a while now but while I still had so much else going on in the garden it was a slow process to build one. About two weeks ago, while visiting family in Quedlinburg, I brought home a couple of mint plants. That gave me the motivation needed to sit down and start the garden. So far my few herbs (Thyme and mint) had been in between the flowerbeds that my mom had and the new mint was planted in a garden pot at that time.
There is a part in my garden that is still grass at the moment, but the plan was to slowly cultivate it and put a couple of raised bed in at the end of this summer. I started early and build my mint garden there. 
First I took out all the grass, I then spread a black mulching fleece over the soil, to prevent the weeds to come through. I had stones that I used as borders. On the fleece I put cardboard just be extra sure about the weeds. On top of that I added hay and straw from the rabbits, followed by fresh cut wood chips. I then covered everything with soil and planted the mint first in one corner. I have two different kinds of mint and knowing their tendency to grow this bed will be solely dedicated to mint. At the moment I have the thyme at the other end of the bed and it will be fine there for this year but will be moved to my second bed that still needs to be build.

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