Sunday, 17 August 2014

Apple Juice

I spend the whole weekend in the kitchen. While listening to Old Crow Medicine Show in the background I was working my way through buckets of apple. I have more then enough apple sauce to last me until next year, I have many backs of frozen apples for pies in the freezer, and I have another tree full of apples that will be left for winter storage, so I decided that I will make some apple juice with the windfall apples that I got from my neighbor. I am house sitting for her too this weekend (she is 92 years old) and kept picking up new apples twice a day.

To be honest making apple juice is a lot of work and you don't end up with much juice but it tastes delicious and before those apples were thrown away, I was happy to use them for something productive. I the end I managed to get 7 bottles of juice from this weekend.

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