Saturday, 16 August 2014

Garden Update August 16th

It has been raining A LOT over the last 2 weeks. My garden looks like a mud pit filled with weeds, it's no fun to be honest. Right now it feels more like fall then August. In between a few dry spells I have cleared part of the garden from the weeds, put compost in and planted new strawberry plants for next year. Beans are going strong and so are the fodder crops for the rabbits. I am harvesting plenty of those, which means right now while the rabbits are eating their most, I don't need to buy any food. 
The cucumber plants are slowly dying, the rain is not doing them any good. I was able to harvest a few cucumbers and pickled some but majority are too big for pickling. I have cut them in small pieces and frozen those, as they will make lovely cucumber salad over the winter month.
The tomatoes are slowly turning red, but again it's not as many as I want so far. I have barely harvested 4 kilos so far.

I am receiving many buckets of apples from my neighbors which is great though. I made lot's of apple sauce already they'll last me through the year and I have frozen about 5 kilos for smoothies and pies too. The next buckets that I get this weekend, I will try my hand on making apple juice and I am really looking forward to this.

How are things turning out in your garden?

bush beans

fodder crops for the rabbits



pole beans

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