Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Garden Update August 6th

We have been hit by some very heavy rain on Monday evening, receiving about 30 liters of rain per square meter in just a few minutes... and a total of 70 liters per square meter over the full evening. My garden has not been happy with that. Many of my flowers were flat on the ground afterwards and half of the cucumber plants have turned yellow :( 
Tonight I have been out harvesting a bucket full of beans and a bowl full of blackberries, as well as a few cucumbers. I am quite concerned about my apple tree, it's way to little for a the fruit it carries and I hope he will make it to the fall, so I can do some strategic cutting.

How is it going in your garden?


  1. Yum! It looks awesome! I wish I had some fruit bushes in my yard...there used to be wild ones all around our street, but the town pulled them when they replaced sewer/water lines...and didn't plant new ones unfortunately.

  2. OH you are getting too much rain and we are getting none! Such a shame it doesn't even out a little more! Garden is looking gorgeous though :)