Sunday, 18 January 2015

Better late then never

Happy New Year everyone

I know it's been a while since I last posted but with everything going on, I have lacked the time and energy to get up on the PC.

Let's start with the pregnancy. I am now 21 weeks pregnant and the twins are doing well so far. I have been able to feel them move around since week 14 but can proper feel them kick, for a week now. I have been really tired during the first 18 weeks of the pregnancy, meaning I was in bed by 7pm each night and wasn't up to much. I also fell sick to a cold over New Years, since then things are going better and my energy has returned. I have started to work on the twins room and gathered many essentials for them. A lot of it is used but as they will grow out of things so quickly, I am not planning to buy many new things but do have a wishlist on amazon just in case. I think that by the end of next week, the twins room (nursery) will be ready.

Then there is Lily, since she was sick late last year she was on the road of recovery (or so I thought), she was on medication until early December and had regular blood tests. Her last test in December showed everything was back to normal and the next blood test was scheduled for early January. Over Christmas she first managed to get a bronchitis and then a high fever. Turns out the fever was not caused by the bronchitis but due to a bad tooth. She was also again getting very tired and not eating much. My vet didn't want to operate her on New Years Eve due to the fireworks and we needed to see that the blood was still ok  She had some antibiotics, which helped her get better and is at the moment not bothered by the tooth, which is good. She was at the vets for blood test on Monday and it turns out her haematokrit went back down again, not by much but it should not happen. So now she is back on the medication and we are back for a blood test next week. Depending on the outcome, she might need a bone marrow biopsy (not what I really need at the moment). Hopefully with the medication, her haematokrit will go back up again and we can avoid the biopsy.

I have butchered all my rabbits in December. With the twins on the way, I won't be able to raise rabbits in the beginning, so that was an easy decision to make. Now I have a freezer full of food that will last me for a year and I hope to start back with raising meat rabbits by the beginning of next year. The garden is half way done but I was unable to fully finish the cleaning up before the weather got too bad, plus being pregnant somewhat handicapped me in some aspects. Anyway, it will be slightly reduced this year but back full on next year. Plus I get some help in to help with the garden. All the really heavy work like weeding will happen once the twins are here anyway, so hopefully I can manage that.

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