Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Garden Update March 24th

Tomato/ basil/ sunflower seedlings
basil and early salad in the tunnel

the mess of the garden



the berry bushes

spring flowers

spring flowers

The last 2 weeks have been a mix of warm sunny days, followed by days that had been cold, with a mix of rain and snow and frost in the night. Seeing the garden, there is so much to do and physically I am not able to do much. I have started some seedlings indoors and mulched the berry bushes and that is about it. I had someone help to clear the weeds between the strawberries and mulch them with fresh straw but much more has not happened yet. The weather is still to unpredictable at the moment. Once we move past Easter, I hope to plant a row of early peas, as well as carrots and radish. But as you can see above there is still a huge lot of land covered in weeds that needs to be worked on as quickly as possible.  The main question is when and by whom.

Are you doing anything in the garden yet?

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