Thursday, 23 April 2015

Garden Update April 23rd


It's amazing to see what a difference a few weeks can make in the garden. We had no rain for nearly 3 weeks and the soil is so dry. My berry bushes are thriving and so is the cherry tree. It's wonderful to see everything come alive after a strange, wet and long winter. 
I have spend the last weekend planting 100 onion bulbs and a row of radish and that was about as much as I was physically able to do. The peas and carrots that I had hoped to plant need to wait for a few more days. The early lettuce that I planted is coming along nicely and so are the herbs. I have decided to raise my herbs in pots this year and so far it looks like a good decision. I do hope for a bit of rain, so I can start to work on the second part of the garden but would also nod mind another sunny weekend, so I can have a bit of a BBQ

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Garden Update April 10th


salad and basil

tomato seedlings



berry bushes

berry bushes


apple tree
Yesterday has been a beautiful and sunny day. It felt like truly the first proper day of spring. A day that was spend more outside then inside. A day were I was running around bare-feet on the grass and it felt soo good. My seeds are coming around nicely and the weeding and prepping of the soil is taking shape. The strawberry plants are getting bigger and so is my belly. It is difficult for me that I am not able to do much in the garden right now and that I have to rely on others to help and do a lot of the heavy work. I hope that by the end of next weekend I will have the fall onions and first row of peas in the soil and that the rest of the garden is prepared and weed free. I am planning on setting up three raised beds in May, those will be used for salad, cucumbers and cabbage as well as kohlrabi.
My pregnancy is going as well as can be expected. I have 6-7 weeks left but if the twins stay in until first or second week in May I will be very happy. It's getting more difficult for me to move around and do much at all right now and I am easily out of breath just from walking to the doctors office and back to the car. But I can't complain, there are others with twins that have a much harder time then me.