Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Garden Update May 27th

adding raised beds at the back of the garden

onions & salad


berry bushes

diapers drying outside

potato coming out


cabbage & kohlrabi

bell peppers

herbs & blueberry

tomato plants

Since coming out of hospital I have not done anything in the garden, things are growing though and that is the main point. I would love to go out for a bit to do some weeding but A0 it's way too cold at the moment b) I don't have the energy right now and c) I am pretty busy with the twins. Everyday things go a little bit better and I think in a week or two I will be up to some garden work again. Let's hope the weeds have not taken completely over by then. 

Things are progressing in the garden nevertheless, the berries are full & I am looking forward to harvesting them soon. I have already harvested some rhubarb and onions too (those onions planted in the fall). I am in desperate need for some rain (and some sun too) to help the garden grow (and I could take the boys out with me more easily to get some work done)

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