Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Garden Update May 6th

setting up raised beds

Despite my lack of mobility the garden is slowly taking shape right now. Due to mainly the bad weather in March, I feel like I am a few weeks behind but it seems like every gardener is feeling that way this year. 

Since my last update, 2 rows of carrots and a row of peas, as well as 4 rows of potatoes have gone in the ground. I have planted more lettuce that is already coming out and I have had twice fresh lettuce from the garden this week. My radish are coming out as well and the pepper plants are now outside under the hoop to harden off. My tomato seedlings are a bust more or less and I need to buy some plants from the nursery. I will harvest the first rhubarb this weekend and make a pie, for which I am very much looking forward.

For the rest of this week, I hope to get the beans in the ground as well as finishing setting up the new raised beds, so that I can plant some cabbage and kohlrabi in them, before the last of the carrots and cucumbers go in the ground, plus more lettuce.

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