Sunday, 24 May 2015

We are home

few hours old

still knackered from the operation

going home

24 hours old

Niklas Wolfgang
Jacob Alexander
On May 13th Niklas Wolfgang & Jacob Alexander arrived in this world via c-section at 8:49am & 8:50am. I had never planned on a c-section, instead I envisioned a natural birth in the bath tub. Both my doctor and midwife supported a natural birth, even though it was twins but 2 weeks prior to delivery those plans went out of the window. Baby A (now known as Niklas) was facing down as always and growing nicely, Baby B (now known as Jacob) had turned and was now facing heads up, usually not a problem and I could have still attempted a natural birth but Jacob also put on lot's of weight and had a massive head according to the US, one of those would normally lead to a complicated birth, with all three of those factors I was told that the chances were pretty high that Niklas would come out now problem & Jacob would get stuck in the best case scenario and would rip of his umbilical cord in the worst case scenario.

The c-section was unspectacular. I was able to hear and see what was going on & was talking to the delivery & anesthetic team while being cut open. Soon I heard a cry and Niklas was born, and a minute later I hear Jacob. I held Niklas straight afterwards and had tears in my eyes. We went back to our room and I was able to hold the two for the first time. Niklas was already sucking on my breast and Jacob was contend in my arm. I was blissfully happy. 

Niklas and Jacob are both quite content and happy babies. Niklas is quiet, an easy nurser, he get's up approx every 4 hours and then goes back to sleep. Nursing him comes natural, he is a pro at it. He loves his cuddles and is very content. Jacob struggles with nursing or better struggles with latching on properly. He still needs lot's of help from with it but we are getting there. He is more active then his brother, loves to be hold & always wants to be close to his mom. He often tries to stay awake despite it being obvious that he is very tired. Still he too is a very content and easy baby. 

I managed to slowly & painfully waddle around on Friday morning after the c-section but it got better over night & I am up and about since Saturday. I stayed in hospital for a week and went home on Wednesday 20th. 

My days so far are full of feeding & rocking the babies, feeling sleep deprived on some days and not on others. Being a single mom of twins is exhausting, especially the early days. Add to that my two dogs and I am surprised I have not yet gone mental. I am worried that they not get enough milk, that I don't get enough rest, which is needed to recover from the c-section. There are moments when it get's too much and I feel like crying and then I look at the two little miracles and know it's all worth it. I already love the two of them so much, it's incredible. There are days when I feel very lucky despite being tired, I am lucky they are both healthy, I am lucky because most of the time they do sleep about 4 hours a piece, I am lucky because they are easy babies.
The dogs are getting used to the babies and I need to ensure that they too get their time with me, to prevent jealousy. They spend their time between me and my mom's right now, deciding where they want to go or if they want to stay in the garden, which Lily does a lot.

Well before the twins wake up again, I better stop writing and get some rest too.


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  1. How exciting! I hope you're loving these first precious days. :)