Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Being a SMC of twins

Well let me tell you, right now being a SMC of twins is tough. Oh don't get me wrong I love the two of them so much and would not trade them for anything in the world but it's a lot of hard work and most days I am just exhausted. My life consists of feeding babies, changing diapers, washing and sterilizing bottles once a day, getting babies to sleep and start all over again. If I do have 5 minutes, I grab something to eat, or try to check my e-mail on the phone. At the moment it's rare that I actually get to spend time like I do now on the PC.

To be honest the nights are actually easier then the days. At night both Niki and Jake have a 2.5 to 4 hour rhythm in which they sleep before they need feeding. Niki is pretty easy, he latches on while we are both in bed and often the two of us fall asleep that way. Jake is more difficult, he still has not truly figured out how the milk bar works and at night it's more difficult to get him to latch on, so he often gets a bottle instead. We have figured out the position for that too now, with me either half laying/half sitting and him on my chest, or if by some twist of fate they both get hungry at the same time, he will lie next to Niki and I will hold his bottle to feed him and Niki is next to me drinking away at the milk bar.

During the day I sometimes manage to get them to latch on at the same time (thanks to My Breastfriend) or I feed them after each other or my mom helps out and gives one of them the bottle, mostly Jake as Niki refuses the bottle. I do have enough milk at the moment and if Niki is drinking on his own, I often pump at the other side and have Jake's  next meal ready.

After that it's sleep time and that's the biggest problem during the day. Jake just doesn't want to sleep and keeps himself up by all means possible. The only way for him to fall in a deep sleep is by laying on my chest. This means I don't get anything done. He is too small for the baby carrier still and I am still figuring out how to put him in a wrap, so we only do this for short times. Niki is fine going to sleep during the day most of the time, if not he gets an additional boob to nurse to sleep or a cuddle and he is gone to sleepy land.  

I know it will get better eventually and right now despite me being exhausted I love being a mom. I love bonding with them and I am getting tired of hearing that I am spoiling them by letting them sleep on me or in my bed, or by not letting them cry, so they learn. Well they don't need to learn, they need to know Mommy is there for them if they need me.

me & Niki

Niki & Jake


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  1. Aww they're just adorable! And keep on trusting your instinct, you're doing a great job :)