Friday, 26 June 2015

Garden Update June 26th



carrots and onions

potatoes and bush beans

carrots & peas (freshly planted)



cabbage & Kohlrabi
I love June despite the cold June that we had, slowly but surely things start to grow. I have been harvesting strawberries for the past 2 weeks and started on the red currents this week. I have had salad each day this week, as well as kohlrabi. The peas are getting shells and I am sure I can harvest some soon. the onions are ready to harvest too. So far I took them out when I needed them, but now with the weather turning warmer again, I can actually start to harvest them,

Yesterday I managed to get the last of the ground worked on and I put in 3 more rows of carrots and two rows of peas. Oh I am so looking forward to the peas. This weekend or early next week, I will put trellis on for the cucumbers. Have I mentioned how much I love June and things growing in the garden?

What is going on in your garden?


  1. look at all those peas!! so jealous!

  2. look at all those peas!! so jealous!

  3. What a beautiful large garden space you have. So much room to grow a whole lot of goodness. Enjoy!

    Happy weekend!

  4. So far our June seems to be beautifully warm and we're forecast to go out on a definite high so hopefully some of that lovely warmth will be on its way to you soon! The garden is looking wonderful nonetheless!