Monday, 13 July 2015

5 things

1. I spend Saturday morning meeting up with my friend Nicole. I had the boys with me of course and we spend a couple hours just chatting. It was so nice to get out and have grown up conversation and just hang out and enjoy each other company. That's definitely something I need to do more often.

2. the boys are two month old today. I can't believe how quick time flies, it feels just like yesterday that I brought them home from the hospital.

3. Time is something that I don't feel I have right now. At least not time to sit down and do nothing or have me time. During the day I am pretty much on demand there for the boys (and I don't mind, I love them to bits), the few minutes in between that I have, I either try to do something in the garden or do the dishes, or eat something myself or spend five minutes with the dogs. In the evenings I am usually just able to wash the dishes before I either fall asleep with the boys or with the dogs. I know this will change one day (or so I hope)

4. I go out for a walk with the boys daily. We usually spend around 2-4 hours outside, them in the pram and me walking. Out daily walk usually takes us out in the nature around the village or towards the Osterbergsee. Being the introvert that I am I love those daily walks and get a lot of energy back that way.

5. I have tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar in August and can't wait, hope I will be able to actually leave the boys alone with my mom for those 2-3 hours in the evening

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