Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Community Festival

I have been quite busy the last few weeks, but especially last week. Last year I was voted in as chair man (chair woman) for our local community club and we had organized the annual community festival for this past weekend. It's just a small celebration really, with cakes in the afternoon & BBQ in the late afternoon evening, some things for the kids and in general, a place for the people form the village to get together and have a good time really. I could delegate parts of the preparation work to my fellow members but still needed to do some things myself and oversee everything, to make sure it all comes together, so I was busy, especially last week.
all the cake

all set up
 We set up the tent on Friday evening and then had the celebrations on Saturday. It was a warm and sunny day, not too hot and we had many people come to join us. The cake was great and the evening was long. I kept popping in and out all day, as obviously I had the boys with me. The boys did great but we went home at 5:30pm so that I could start the usual go to bed procedure at 6pm. I had them sleeping by 7:115pm and at 7:30pm my mom got home and was looking after the boys, so I could help out some more at the festival. I got back to the festival by 8pm and then went behind the bar to sell drinks for an hour or so. After that things calmed down and while I was still selling drinks, I was also mingling with some friends until my mom called at 10:30pm to tell me that the boys are up and that Niki is hungry. So I went home to my boys and after feeding both of them went to bed.

Jacob is helping selling the cake with my mom

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