Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Garden Update July 15th

beans & potatoes

my favorite bush, only 2 years old



bell peppers

Its 8:30pm, the boys are finally asleep after a nearly 2 hour struggle (e.g. feeding session) and I should probably do the dishes but instead, I decided to take a walk through the garden and get the last rays of sunshine in. I am feeling exhausted today and will probably head to bed as soon as the dishes are cleaned. 

we have a had a bit of a wet week or two going on, not much sun and low temperatures with lots of rain. The garden is growing and I love the fact that I can have salad every day. My freezer is full with fruits from the berry bushes as well as some cherries. The tomatoes are growing and I can't wait for them (or the cucumbers). My second planting of peas and carrots are coming out now too, the carrots will be for the fall garden. I can't believe how big the potatoes have grown, despite the fact that I have a mouse in there somewhere all year already, that keeps eating my plants (it can happen that a full plan just disappears, morning she is there, by evening it's gone).

Well before I actually fall asleep writing this, I better go and do the dishes so I can go to bed. What is going on in your garden?


  1. My gosh your carrots look fantastic! They're so big and feathery. The whole garden looks nice.

    My garden hasn't changed much this week so I went to the orchard instead.

  2. Oh your blueberry bush is doing so well, and the sunflowers are reaching for the skies despite the weather! Wonderful :)