Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Garden Update July 21st

peas & hopefully carrots

Last night I took a long overdue walk through the garden. It's been a busy couple of days and I have not been in the garden for 5 days. I was curious to see if I have already little cucumbers but also wanted to check on the rest of the garden. Anything that is planted in pots is doing great, the tomato plants are coming along nicely, as are all the herbs and the bell peppers, I have never harvested so much basil in my life like I have this year. Strawberries and the first peas are at the end of their season. The strawberries need weeding first and the peas, well I ripped them out tonight. The second planting of onions is doing OK , I am harvesting some now and then already but I don't think they will stay in the ground till September, it looks like they will be harvested much sooner. The first carrots are doing well and are ready for harvesting now. When I get some time over the next 2-3 weeks I will get to that. Next to the carrots is the second planting of radish, which I harvest a bit each day. The lettuce is doing great too, but I need to plant some more for late harvest. 

The second half of the garden has the potatoes and beans. It will take two more weeks I guess for the beans to be full and ready for harvesting, also I harvested about 3 handfuls today already, which will go into tomorrows dinner. Next to the beans I hope for 3 rows of carrots to come (well to be honest I can see a few already peeking through) and the new peas are next to it, growing nicely.

The raised beds are doing OK ish. Unfortunately the hot weather and harsh rains that we got destroyed the white cabbage more or less. It's busted but I hope to save and use them at least. The red cabbage is ok so far and the cucumber plants are doing well. The berry bushes have been harvested, apart from the raspberries who will continue to carry fruit until October and then the blackberries should be ready in a few weeks too.

So all in all it's not to bad actually. What goes on in your garden?

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