Thursday, 2 July 2015

Garden Update July 2nd

July has arrived and with it came the heat. The last few days temperatures soared to the high 30th Celsius (high 90s to 100 F)and for the next few days we days we expect to hit the 40th daily. The only time I am able to spend in the garden is very early morning. Even at 8pm it's still way too hot. I have been busy harvesting and processing black and red currents as well as gooseberries. So far I have harvested about 10 pounds of red currents, 8 pounds of black currents and 5 pounds of gooseberries. The black currents are all gone now but I still have many red ones left.

The peas have started to grow and I enjoy eating them fresh from the bush, so far they have not made it inside the house. Salad, onions and kohlrabi are on my table daily. Onions are ready for harvest and raspberries are getting there too. Oh and don't forget the cherry tree needs to be relieved of it's burden too. So far all the cherries went straight in my mouth.  The strawberries are overgrown with weeds now and need cleaning (desperately). A new batch of radish is coming along nicely and the cucumbers too. 

Life is good right now.

What is going on in your garden?

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  1. Oh what a lovely bounty from the garden! Your cherries look mouthwatering, I'm not surprised they're not making it back into the house!!