Friday, 14 August 2015

August = Harvest

August mean harvest as far as I am concerned, there is so much goodness coming out of the garden, that I am hard pressed to keep up with it. My neighbor has early apples that are due to harvest in late July and August, it's my most favorite type of apple and I am always pleased to get a few baskets full. The first round ended up as apple sauce (with no sugar just like I love it and the boys will be able to get some of it too in the winter), the second basket that I received today, will be processed and made to apple pie and the rest will be cut and frozen, so that I can add them to pan cakes, smoothies or apple pie as I wish. 

Cucumbers, oh my the garden is overflowing with them right now. I am having cucumber salad quite often these days and I have made pickled dill cucumbers for the winter too (so far I have four massive glass and stone jars tucked away and there is more to come). I am also freezing some of the cucumbers. I tried freezing them a few years ago and it works really well. I cut them really thinly for salad and then freeze them. When I want to eat cucumber salad in the winter, I prepare my dressing (made of vinegar, oil, water, sugar and dill) and let them defrost in the dressing and it tastes as if it's fresh out of the garden.

I also have beans, potatoes and peas going strong in the garden and being harvested every few days. I should really be getting things daily but I can only focus on preserving one thing a day, for more I don't have time right now