Sunday, 13 September 2015

4 Month

I honestly can not believe that the boys are already 4 month old today. It feels as if it was just yesterday, that I took them home from the hospital. Things are certainly busy and I rarely get a minute that is not spend with the boys. Right now I can't wait for them to become more mobile.  All in all I have two happy babies who rarely cry and for that I am grateful.

OK so whats up with each one? 

Niklas is a mommy's boy, it starts with the fact that he will only feed from the breast and will under no circumstances take anything else. He has recently found his voice and is babbling and talking a lot, the louder he can talk the better. He is easily spooked with loud, unexplained noises. He can grab things with his hands, he loves to eat his fist but doesn't suck his thump. He loves to laugh and giggles a lot. He can lift his head, and tries to lift his bum in order to move. He loves to sit too. He is also starting to smile at strangers. If he is unhappy he sounds like a little kitten.

Jacon is a mommy's boy too but is also happy to see his Omi. He is a very happy baby who loves to smile and smiles at everyone. He is very demanding when he wants something (e.g. bottle of milk) and can become very loud if it doesn't happen fast enough. He has the most adorable smile you can imagine and when he smiles his whole face (including the eyes) smiles. He hates tummy time but can lift his head. He loves to grab things and can happily play on his own for some time, as long as he can grab things.

Stats wise the boys are as following, which is right on target for 4 month:

Niklas:                                                    Jacob:
weight 6690g                                          weight 7090g
height 63cm                                            height 63cm
head: 42cm                                             head: 42cm

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