Friday, 11 September 2015

Garden Update Septemebr 11th

It was last weekend when fall suddenly appeared. Before that it was still nice and warm, just like summer, but since then temperatures dropped, its raining more, the mornings are cooler and you can feel the chill of fall in the air. I have not posted much about the garden lately. 

Currently I am harvesting and processing cucumbers and tomatoes a few times a week. I also harvested the potatoes yesterday but there is not much more going on in the garden this year. Beans are few and now it's mostly weeds, in the garden :( . Slowly I need to start the process of prepping the garden for fall/winter. I decided against a fall garden this year. I was barely able to cope with garden as it was with the twins so little, so I will just prepare the garden for winter and start new next year.

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