Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mommy Boys




Last night I was supposed to go out for a community club meeting. Since I am chair person of the community club and we had to discuss and plan the next two event for November and December I had to make an appearance. For the last meeting (back in June) I took the boys with me but this time my mom said she would watch them, so that they can go to bed like they normally do and stay in their rhythm. The meeting was at my friend Claudia's place, which is a 2 minute drive to mine, so in case of emergency I could be home quickly.

Unfortunately the boys had a bad day yesterday and already in the evening (hours before I had to leave) they were both crying for no apparent reason. Eventually they settled down and went to sleep at their normal time. Niki was quite unsettled and I figured he would wake up again and he did at 7.15pm, so I nursed him back to sleep. My mom came at 7:30pm and I got ready and left the house at 7:50pm with both kids asleep.

I started the meeting at 8pm and had a call at 8:03pm with two wailing babies. So I left to go home and check out what was going on. Niki was in my mom's arms crying and Jakey was still in bed half asleep and crying. I picked him up first and he stopped crying and settled. then I picked up Niki who immediately upon being in my arms stopped crying, he didn't want to nurse and he didn't want to sleep. Jacob was tired and still have asleep, so I decided to make a small bottle for Jacob, which my mom was happy to give him and I took Niki in the baby carrier and took him to the meeting with me. Niki was happy to be with me and was out until 9pm with me and Jacob was asleep very quickly for my mom.

Turns out those two are mommy boys through and through (especially Niki). My mom said, Niki was crying within a minute of me leaving and no amount of cuddling and comforting helped. insted with all his crying he woke up Jakey and then it was a vicious circle. 

Funny how those two never make a sound after 8pm when I am at home, but the two times I had to be out after 8pm and I mom looked after them, they woke up (mind you the first time my mom looked after them they woke at 10:30pm)

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