Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Chestnuts - laundry detergent

The other day I read an article about making laundry detergent out of chestnuts. As I always look for alternatives and am open to try new things, I thought about giving it a try. On Friday I walked past a chestnut tree in our street and collected a few chestnuts to give this a try.

It's actually quite simple to make: 

- use 5-8 fresh & dry chestnuts and cut them in quarters
- add 300ml (10oz) of water to a jar
- add the quartered chestnuts and leave for about 8 hours

This will make a soapy water that you then filter to put in the washing machine. It does not store for long, so you need to create it new each time you do laundry. The other option would be to create a powder out of the chestnuts, which will store longer, which I am planning to do next.

I used this detergent to wash the baby cloth and they turned out clean and with a neutral smell, so I was really happy. This is nothing for very dirty cloth but it's a nice alternative for cloth that are not overly dirty.

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