Sunday, 15 November 2015

6 month

On Friday my boys turned 6 month already. They are still (usually) happy babies. They get more and more agile, turning from stomach to their back (and back in Niki's case) and trying to somehow move forward. Their head control is pretty good but no attempts yet to sit unsupported.
Nik has his first two teeth, which he got without problems when he was 5 month and 3 days old. His gums are swollen though and seeing how fussy he is at the moment I think more are on it's way.
Jake has no teeth yet, he is struggling for the past 2 month already and still nothing but swollen gums and pain. I feel really sorry for him as there is not much to do to help him.

Size wise they are wearing cloth size 68 right now and I will know more on their size in 1,5 weeks when we see the Doctor for the 'U5'.

We still go out twice a day, and in that time they usually have a 1 hrs nap. They also have a nap after lunch time, which is usually around 2 hrs (sometimes half and hrs more sometimes half an hrs less). 

I still don't get too much done around the house with them but it gets better and I can now leave them in the living room for some time, while I potter around the living room or kitchen.

Nights are ok, Jake is waking up 1-2 at the moment due to his teeth but goes back to sleep pretty quickly after he has his bottle. Nik nurses throughout the night when he is hungry but rarely wakes up now (he usually nurses about 2-3 times for a few minutes). 

So all is pretty good here :)