Wednesday, 20 January 2016


It's cold outside. Winter has arrived. We had some snow and now temperatures have dropped to -10C. We are still going out twice a day, but yesterday morning it was way too cold for a walk, so I bundled them up and we went shopping in the morning. In the afternoon we went out again as normal. I love how crispy clear the air is.

Right now I am struggling when it comes to bed time. Niklas who so far nursed to sleep, doesn't want to nurse on his favorite site anymore. He will arch his back and just refuses with a lot of crying. I am sure he is uncomfortable somehow but I don't know what it is. He is nursing fine on his less preferred side.  On top of that his going to sleep can be anything from 10 minutes to 2,5 hours, unfortunately we are looking more at the longer times. It's all connected as far as I am concerned. I went to the doctors on Monday with him but nothing wrong was found, other then a slightly red throat. It's trying my patience to be honest but we will get over it.

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