Friday, 8 April 2016

In the Garden

strawberries & onions planted

raspberry plants

berry bushes

For the last week or so it appears as if spring has arrived. The temperatures are getting warmer throughout the day & the sun is out more and more. I have tried to spend some time in the garden when possible. I have planted some carrots, radish, herbs and salad in the raised beds a couple weeks ago. But didn't manage to do much else yet.

This afternoon I took the boys outside with me and left them in the travel cot, while I worked for an hour, planting a few more strawberries & about 50 onions. Slowly the garden is coming alive. In a few more weeks it will be pretty much all green. Until then I still have lot's to do. I had planned to plant some peas too today but Niki was getting cranky so I stopped after an hour and took the boys on a nice late afternoon walk. 

Are you in the garden yet? What are you planting?

Saturday, 2 April 2016


Happy Weekend Everyone


Friday, 1 April 2016

Welcome April

Today was the first day of sunshine in what felt like weeks. I did not have much time to enjoy it, as I spend the morning at the vets with the dog (Jessie has a swollen ear for about 3 weeks now and no treatment helped so far). After the boys woke up form their afternoon nap, we went outside to enjoy the sun. First time outside with out a blanket or winter coat... We soaked up the sun and hope that more is on it's way.