Monday, 9 May 2016

Corner's of my home - the boys room

It was time to do some re-arranging in the boys room now that the boys are so mobile that EVERYTHING needs to be explored. On Saturday/Sunday Jacob figured out where the electric socket is, plus a few others things where in the way too, so I figured I might as well child-proof the room a bit more, so they can explore to their hearts content. The shelf was actually right at the food end of the bed but a) Jacob started to pull things down while in the bed and b) it's very useful to cover said electric socket, so I moved it to the far wall. I did move the nigh table out too that I kept using but now they figured out how to climb on it, so out it went. I am still sleeping in their room right now (Jacob sleeps in the sidecar bed and Niklas on the big mattress with me in between them), so the mattress stays on the floor for the time being.

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