Friday, 13 May 2016


My baby boys turned one today. So now I am a mom of toddlers. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. It feels as though I just gave birth yesterday and here they are reaching milestone after milestone. 

A part of me is sad to 'loose' my babies to toddler-hood but I am also excited about that. They are so ready to explore the world and I love watching them discovering new things and skills everyday. While they are twins they are two very different personalities and I love that they are so different from each other.

Niklas, my sweet and loving first born. He is the quiet one, content to watch and observe or play on his own. This quietness is interrupted by burst of energy. He loves Liiiiliiiiii (Lily) and all animals in general. He stands, crawls etc but I am still waiting for his first steps. He can talk quite a bit: Mama, Liiiiliiii (Lily), Jisiiiiie (Jessie) and Jaob (Jacob). He is ok with food but loves mama's milk bar. 

Happy Birthday Niklas, mommy loves you so much.

Jacob, my energetic and cute second son. Jacob is a ball of energy always on the go and getting frustrated if things don't go the way he wants them to go. I think he just waits for they day when he can finally run around on his own legs. He crawls and stands but can't yet walk which frustrated him lot's. He only says Mama so far but that is ok. He loves all kind of food and would eat all day if I let him, currently he loves 'Bratwurst' the best, which is great for BBQ season. 

Happy Birthday Jacob, mommy loves you so much.

I spend the evening before their birthday preparing: baking blueberry-apple cupcakes, making a strawberry/raspberry cake, hanging up the birthday banner and setting up the presents on the table. 

We celebrated quietly this first birthday, presents in the morning and lot's of playtime with the new presents. Some cake in the afternoon with family and all in all just enjoying this first birthday. 

birthday boys

present from uncle Jens

breakfast time

afternoon birthday cake

Lily - the other birthday girl 7 years old today

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