Thursday, 7 July 2016

Early july in my garden

Early July would be my favorite time of year in the garden.  It’s the kind of moment when everything is falling in place. Pretty much everything is in the ground, the weeds are still manageable (don’t look to where my strawberries are supposed to grow), everything is green and the first harvest is in. I have been busy in the garden, the berries (gooseberries strawberries, raspberries and currants) were full with fruits and I have been busy each morning with harvesting and evenings with prepping the fruits for preserving. I harvested the first peas & blueberries and the means need harvesting too. My blackberry bush is full with fruit that needs to ripen and I had lot’s of kohlrabi & rhubarb. I have a 5 liter bucket full of rhubarb liquor going right now, which will make some nice birthday & Christmas presents once it’s ready.