Thursday, 25 August 2016

Meet 'Flecki'

After a 20 month break I am owning rabbits again, well one rabbit, to be exact but this little beauty will be my breeding doe for next year. I had plans to get a doe in July/August which proved to be quite difficult, as it seemed like no one had s suitable doe available (doe, max 5-6 month, medium size, no giant). Two weeks ago I decided to put an ad at the door of my local animal food /garden shop (which is also the only shop in my village). I figured that people buying their rabbit food there might have one available. On Monday evening I got a call, while speaking to the woman it turns out that we have met and talked a few times at the store when I was there with the twins to drop of parcels. She had a suitable doe available and today I picked her out and up. She is a beauty and I am glad the boys will be able to grow up with some animals around. Next on the list is a suitable buck.

She is called Flecki for the time being, maybe I can come up with a better name sometime

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