Saturday, 12 November 2016

First Frost

It was half past ten last night when I let the dogs out in the garden to do their business before we all tucked in for the night. I noticed the grass had turned crispy slightly and the air was crystal clear. I figured it was going to be cold night, and with the way the grass crunched underneath my feet, I figured we most likely would get frost too.

Waking up this morning confirmed my thoughts from last night. The first slight frost was upon us. The boys and me wrapped up and went for a walk in the late hours of the morning. It was kind of foggy but you could see that the sun was waiting behind all the fog. The air was clear and not many people about. Me met Zoe and her mom on our walk, they went to see the horses too. Now it is time to finish the alst work in the garden before everything is tucked in and away for winter.

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