Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hello November

 I have been quiet on the blog lately. But I had so little time to go online in the last few month. The boys have finished changing their daytime routine and right now it suits us. They are down to one nap per day, which they take roughly at 11:30am (depending on when they get up (they might go down at 11am instead). They go to sleep very quickly (like 5-10 minutes) and after that I have an hour and a half min to get some work around the house done. At the moment we are still spending lot's of time outside. It's still ok weather wise and not too wet.  

There is still lot's too do in the garden. I set a temporary play are up in the garden, so I can get some work done but then we had too much rain, to get much done. 2/3 of the garden are done and the blackberries are trimmed back already. Some trees need some cutting still but the major concern is to get the last 1/3 of the garden ready for winter. Anything else is a bonus in my eyes.

My dog has been poorly once again. She had a cyst or tumor on the base of her ear and had an operation last week to remove it. It looks ok so far but we are still waiting for the results. The boys and me took some fall pictures on the one day that it was possible (between rain the previous days and all leaves gone the next day). The dog in the picture is my friends dog. We also celebrated Omi's birthday and spend time inside playing with blogs and reading books. Both boys love their picture books and it's usually the first thing they will get.

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