Wednesday, 21 September 2016

going for a walk

September has arrived in full swing and the temperatures have dropped. At the beginning of last week, we still reached 35 degrees Celsius easily and by the end of the week we needed jackets and even hats in the morning. That doesn't stop us from going outside though. The boys love going outside and by now they both want to run on their own feet. As we are out in the country that is something they can do to their hearts contend.  Sometimes we go to they playground but most of the time we are out in the fields. Niki fell the other day and bit his lip, so he is a bit more cautious but Jake will just run faster and faster and laugh and giggle while he does. 

I need to desperately go in the garden. The carrots need harvesting and after the recent rain, the weeds are exploding. I need to weed the garden and prepare the soil but I honestly don't know when to do this. The two of them are too much for my mum to look after outside and I don't want them to sit inside while I am outside. Our garden is not very save to be honest as you can fall out of the garden on the concrete, so someone needs to be next to the boys. I have to come up with something soon I guess.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

tomato harvest

Tomato harvest is pretty much underway here. Despite the fact that I have 10 plants less then last year, I have enough tomatoes to harvest some each day. So far I have made soup (and froze some), bruschetta, salad and canned tomato sauce the other night. The sauce should last a few month throughout the winter and the soup, well we will see how long that will last. I still have many tomatoes so will do another round of soup and maybe try my hand on pizza sauce too this year.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Welcome September

Summer is at it's end and September is here. It's still nice and warm here but you can feel the shift in season already in the air. We are still spending the majority of our time outside. Niklas is doing pretty well now with walking on his own in the house, so I want him to practice as much as possible outside barefoot before the shoe season starts. 

We spend the majority of the afternoons on a meadow not far from our home. There we can watch horses and the ducks in the pond and the boys have the freedom to run and crawl around as much as they want. Sometimes we meet some of our friends there but today we were on our own. 

What are you doing this September?

Saturday, 27 August 2016

the pond

Jessie has partly damaged her knee, so she tries to avoid going for walks. She is on pain medication but also needs to loose a few kilos, to avoid further damage. As summer has returned, I have taken her with me to the little pond a few minutes walk from our home. There she can swim, which she loves, and it's nice for the boys too. The added benefit is, that it's good for her knee & cools her down. When we were at the pond last night, we saw some some geese and goslings. Jessie totally ignored them and was content to swim and fetch her ball. In return the geese ignored us too.

Friday, 26 August 2016

summer returned

Summer has returned this week. While the beginning of the week was still so so temperature wise, the last two days temperatures have soared back to the high 30s. In fact it was so hot that I took the pool back out and the boys spend the afternoon playing in the pool to cool down.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Meet 'Flecki'

After a 20 month break I am owning rabbits again, well one rabbit, to be exact but this little beauty will be my breeding doe for next year. I had plans to get a doe in July/August which proved to be quite difficult, as it seemed like no one had s suitable doe available (doe, max 5-6 month, medium size, no giant). Two weeks ago I decided to put an ad at the door of my local animal food /garden shop (which is also the only shop in my village). I figured that people buying their rabbit food there might have one available. On Monday evening I got a call, while speaking to the woman it turns out that we have met and talked a few times at the store when I was there with the twins to drop of parcels. She had a suitable doe available and today I picked her out and up. She is a beauty and I am glad the boys will be able to grow up with some animals around. Next on the list is a suitable buck.

She is called Flecki for the time being, maybe I can come up with a better name sometime

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

photo shooting


Last week during one of our walks, I saw the blue skies and yellow fields and thought it would be great idea to have a photo shoot with the boys sitting in the field. So I packed the camera and of we went. Niklas and Jacob were not impressed to sit in the field and be all smiles for the camera, at least one of them kept looking away or looking grumpy. Niklas who always loved the camera decided now is the time to stop loving the camera but at least Jacob is now the one constantly posing for the camera. I did manage to take a somewhat decent picture too.